Analytical Linguist


Hi! I'm Can, a Turkish-American linguist hailing from Ankara, and currently living in Chicago.

I specialize in phonetics with emphasis in sound analysis, research design, and data analysis. I also tinker with discourse analysis, language technologies, exercise science, and Eurasian geopolitics.

Name : Can Ayter

Email :

Phone : +1-312-505-2024


M.A. in Eurasian Studies

Indiana University

2013 - 2015

Linguistics track. Completed coursework requirements and currently writing thesis. GPA: 3.6/4.0

Thesis title: Turkish L1 on the Acquisition of Vowel Space Area of L2 English

Bloomington, IN, USA

B.A. in Linguistics

Hacettepe University

2009 - 2013

Graduated with honors. GPA: 3.3/4.0

Ankara, Turkey


Exchange student, Linguistics and Philology

Uppsala University

2010 - 2011

Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme exchange student with full government scholarship for two semesters as part of B.A. degree.

Uppsala, Sweden


Cankaya Lisesi

2005 - 2009

Foreign language specialization.

Ankara, Turkey

Halide Edip Adivar Middle School

2002 - 2005

Ankara, Turkey


Through repeated observation, examination and explanation of data, and elaboration of theories, analysis clarifies and sharpens understanding. I've seen this in linguistic research, phonetic and phonological experiment design, academic project management and processes, and even in daily life throughout my education and experiences. My professional interests extend into my personal life, and I enjoy continuously furthering my knowledge in Computational Linguistics, programming in Python, and data analysis. I hold myself to this analytical approach and understanding, concerning myself with focus on detail yet also keeping the big picture in mind, and I am keen to work, share, excel, and advance with others who share a similar philosophy.

Would you like to see a copy of my resume?


Husch Blackwell

Billing Specialist

2016 - ongoing

Accounting and billing for legal services including initiating and implementing of all aspects of monthly client billing process, and providing financial analysis and account data. Maintaining communication with attorneys, staff, and clients, and observing confidentiality of client and firm matters. Utilizing accounting and billing software applications such as Elite Enterprise and e- billing hub for all functions relating to processing, generating and distributing periodic proformas, financial reports, and invoices.

Chicago, IL


Indiana University

Graduate Assistant

2013 - 2015

Research and laboratory conductor at the Turkic and Central Eurasian Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition Lab. Identified resources, designed and implemented linguistic experiments on phonological and phonetic structures for more than 10 rare languages. Recruited over 200 participants; instructed participants and conducted 6 separate linguistic experiments. Interpreted speech data and extracted information from research sources by creating databases for further data visualization and linguistic analysis. Developed and provided evaluations for numerous research articles with extracted results. Reconciled and distributed research funds with IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval. Co-taught two 3-credit courses on Linguistics, and designed teaching materials.

Bloomington, IN


Fitness Formula Clubs

Fitness Specialist


Assisted gym management, personal trainers and group instructors with multidirectional client integration and data entry. Maintained the weight-lifting and cardio equipment.

Chicago, IL


IFAA C Fitness Trainer Certificate


IFAA - Akademie fur die Fitness, Wellness und Gesundheitsbranche | C-Lizenz

Ankara, Turkey


Gym & Cardio Instructor


Instructed groups and individuals of all ages and levels in the fundamentals of fitness and bodybuilding. Maintained weight-lifting equipment, treadmills and other gym equipment. Instructed clients on effective workout methods; explained proper techniques demonstrated exercises; identified different muscle groups and explained appropriate methods to strengthen specific muscles.

Ankara, Turkey


TURKSOY, International Organization of Turkic Culture

Editorial Intern


Participated in the editorial team and provided bidirectional Turkish and English translation for articles that were missing translations on the published monthly issues and online articles of TÜRKSOY, an international cultural organization. Established social media channels and content as a team for community building. Promoted and increased content virality on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ankara, Turkey

TURKSAM, Turkish Centre for International Relations & Strategic Analyst

Editorial Intern


Editorial assistant responsible for translation and analysis of Turkey's policy agenda regarding Eurasia by scanning both national and international news sources and press agencies. Published daily bulletins and reports for public dissemination on behalf of the think tank institution.

Ankara, Turkey